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Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to east Louisville police merger


RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 21st, 2022 @ 5:14AM (1 year ago)

They get heard on election day by their vote. Keep voting for the same old thing with the same old, tired, worn out, ineffective policies and residents deserve what they vote for. It's time to give somebody else a chance. Vote red. After all, how much worse can things get?

RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 22nd, 2022 @ 7:36AM (1 year ago)

Will never strictly D or R because politicians are corrupt as F. Looking at the direction Louisville has gone the past years should tell us all to go with the other party for a change. We can't keep doing the same party, watch the city go to shizt and say they will do any better than they have. We got to give the other party a chance or we are going to be beat down even more.

RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 23rd, 2022 @ 2:36PM (1 year ago)

I don't believe a Republican Mayor could ever win in this county because it's so full of democrats, especially welfare recipients, never-employed suburban housewife pill heads, druggies, skinny soy milk-sucking liberal mommas boys, and fugly abortion-protesting witches who'll never sleep with a guy.

I also don't believe for a second that Greenberg is going to get into a fight with the US Department of Justice, the far left or west end activists who convinced Fischer and his chief to make LMPD lay down and do as little criminal enforcement as humanly possible. The most you'll see is a summer task force in the highlands to patrol around and keep the junior thugs and recently released inmates from breaking into cars for petty cash. When the feds impose their consent decree having all the same consent of a brutal back alley rape, police activity levels will from from low to non-existent.

The new law allowing annexation of Metro territory by small cities goes into effect on June 15, 2024. That's KRS 67C.111 for those who doubt this. You'll see a lot of LMPD officers moving to small city PDs from the Metro Titanic after that. Existing small cities will be expanding their departments as they annex new territory. New small cities will be created with new police departments. LMPD's territory will shrink substantially. I doubt LMPD will even need 5 patrol divisions 10 years from now.