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Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to east Louisville police merger


RE: Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to...

September 7th, 2022 @ 3:09PM (1 year ago)

America and Russia have been the world's #2 to #3 producer of oil and gas for years. It doesn't take an understanding of economics to understand why the price of oil went up as oil became less available from both of them in the same period of time. Russian oil and gas became less available because of their war on Ukraine. American oil and gas became less available because of Biden's war on energy.

Every day, Democrats remind us they are very much the party of moral panic with their daily cries about the climate alarmism, so-called "police brutality" third term abortion, the so-called "insurrection", and whatever random crime they're alleging Trump committed this week. It never ends. Democrats can't be trusted or believed. They are a hysterics and slander-prone party that cries wolf EVERY DAMN DAY.

In the same month that liberal California declared they were going to ban gas-powered cars they told drives of electric vehicles they weren't supposed to charge them because there wasn't enough electricity available. That's where they'd have us go, to a world where you're given an energy ration card and told you can't drive more than 30 minutes per day without facing a huge fine. If you can't afford a $50,000 EV then too bad, because your old gas-powered car is banned from the road and must be sold for scrap. You can take the bus instead.

No thanks. I'll stick to living in red states where our state legislatures will shoot down those kinds of laws and our juries will block any leftist insanity coming through our federal courts.