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Dwindling backup from LMPD, financial incentives lead to east Louisville police merger


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September 5th, 2022 @ 9:35PM (2 years ago)

That's entirely false. The Keystone XL was part of Canada's plan to expand oil sands production by 300%. It's one of many such pipelines and other oil and gas projects that the Biden Administration stopped or else delayed for years using frivolous environmental lawsuits, illegal and unconstitutional permit denials and through political pressure on companies to disinvest from all types of fossil fuels.

Last year alone, oil prices increased more than 50 percent thanks to the illegal actions of the Biden Administration in defiance of federal court orders, federal law, and international treaties regarding the free flow of oil and gas through international pipelines. Canada has declared the US in violation of international treaties twice in the last year because of interference with pipelines carrying Canadian energy in the US. This 50% increase in prices was followed by another 50 percent increase this year.

Biden's destructive policies have driven down the U.S. rig count to a mere 740 compared to over 1,000 in 2019, when the price per barrel averaged around $50 less than today.

Americans now face rolling blackouts as a result of Biden's radical views on ending the use of oil and gas. American families are forced to choose between basic needs and filling their gas tanks.

These increases in energy prices have driven up the cost of everything - food, housing, clothing, and medical costs. This is only the beginning of it. Demand for oil is projected to reach an all-time high in 2022 and another all-time high in 2023.

Rather than attempt to address this crisis, Biden treats the oil and gas industry just like he treats Trump followers, as a political punching bag. Instead, Biden calls our energy industry professionals "criminals who are killing people" and war profiteers, threatens them with draconian new taxes in his bid to discourage private sector investment in energy.

Energy is required for food, medical supplies and everything else sustaining life to be produced and shipped to every American. Joe Biden and his administration of far-left green radicals have only weakened America and making everyone a lot less safe when they spread lies, domestic discontent and demagoguery as they have been doing lately.

All of these misdeeds are just further demonstrations of his incompetence and craven cowardice, which was made obvious to the nation during his disastrous abandonment of the people of Afghanistan to radical terrorists that murdered thousands of innocent people in the weeks that followed. His attempt to divide and agitate the American population with his slanderous speech the other day proves he's unqualified to hold office of any kind and so are many of the people he appointed to office supporting his hateful words. Most of his vocal followers obviously have deeply flawed characters like him. Birds of a feather flock together.