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Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce high-speed chases


RE: Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce...

June 24th, 2022 @ 6:19AM (9 months ago)

The chickens are coming home to roost. They truth is coming out about what a corrupt ******** department this city has.

RE: Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce...

June 24th, 2022 @ 5:27PM (9 months ago)

A certain percentage of cases are reserved for the people who aren't safe on the street and should probably not even be carrying a gun. Cases like throwing drinks at people and 12 months investigations into an officer cussing at someone.

They also provide other valuable services to the real police, like administrative paperwork, answering phones and all the other stupid ***** real cops don't want to do.

RE: Louisville police implement strict pursuit policy to reduce...

June 25th, 2022 @ 9:54AM (9 months ago)

I am not surprised. The US Attorney prosecuted nobody for the attempted murder of police or attempted arson against government buildings during the leftist riots of 2020. When you look up the definition of insurrection, you discover those crimes are exactly what it was written for.

They also do very little to stop violent organized crime syndicates or drug trafficking organizations operating in Louisville. Whenever somebody new shows up in town, they do some minor bust and a press conference. Whenever LMPD's Chief is taking heat, they all stand behind them in a press conference announcing the newest Nothingburger Task Force.

Some assume this is because they don't know how to investigate dangerous organized criminals anymore or because these cases pose a risk of threats against themselves or their family. Others say it's because their agenda is driven by a higher political agendas. They could be perceived as racist when they routinely prosecute minority crimelords. Better to pretend it's just random crime, so the police can take any resulting political flack.

The state courts and Louisville Metro aren't doing much better. They can only say they went through the motions in stopping crime in last decade. The Mayor's facepunch should be considered their de-facto report card for 12 years of not doing nearly enough to stop crime in Louisville. Maybe not he understands why the part of his job that he tried to ignore, keeping Louisville safe, was important.