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'It's Heartbreaking': Louisville police officer dies after being hit by vehicle on I-64


RE: 'It's Heartbreaking': Louisville police officer dies after...

December 26th, 2021 @ 4:37AM (2 years ago)

FACT: You had a gay crush on a male LMPD officer.

FACT: I know who the officer is and so do you.

FACT: The same officer outed you on this very site.

FACT: You seeth with hate and jealousy of police because your "trust was violated." Your words, not mine.

FACT: You continue to lie about the four facts above.

FACT: You NEVER confronted Haddad about anything and if you did, Haddad kicked your pantywaist azz.

Chris Murphy, you're nothing but a cowardly gay boy liar who can't handle the truth. FACT.