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Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger raises


RE: Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger...

December 16th, 2021 @ 1:57PM (1 year ago)

Louisville's become one of the most dangerous cities in America as a direct result of democrats in the county attorney, commonwealth attorney, US Department of Justice, the Mayor's office, and LMPD Chiefs office decision to decriminalize rioting. They even went so far as to put a rioter on house arrest after he shot 2 officers.

Louisville criminal element is who was committing the vast majority of crimes during the 2020 riots in response to the instigation of left wing activists and democrat politicians.

These decisions to not prosecute for rioting communicated to the criminal element that they were free to commit crimes with no serious threat of prison time. They're not rioting this year. Instead they're murdering, robbing and carjacking at unprecedented levels. Children are dying every week as a direct result of these decisions to ignore what the law says because of their extreme ideological stances.

These same people continue to brand police officers as being the problem, rather than their appeasement of the criminal element because of their political motivations.

Louisville is doomed as a city if these people keep control. Another wave of retirements is coming next year. These officers will never be replaced and Louisville will continue descending into violence, because you can't stop killers by neutering police or giving them handouts.

When you see the US government bringing in so-called experts from cities like Baltimore and Washington DC, where police and federal authorities are too afraid to enter several large neighborhoods without lots of backup for fear of getting murdered, you know the circus clown car just pulled up to teach you how to drive. The west end of Louisville already looks like those cities. It's only a matter of time before the whole county is that bad.