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Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger raises


RE: Louisville police officers approve FOP contract with bigger...

December 11th, 2021 @ 2:02PM (6 months ago)

They could change the law to allow juvenile status offenders and victims of neglect to be put into a state youth center without a warrant. The law should say that police can do it without getting approval of a judge, but that a judge can reverse it later if they want.

The law should also say that if kids are arrested for crimes away from the home, like when they're stealing at 3 in the morning, then the parent can be charged with child neglect. 1st offense can be a misdemeanor. 2nd offense can be a Class D felony.

Delinquents don't usually start out shooting people in their lives of crime. They start out doing minor crimes. That's when the system can still do something to prevent the progression towards being a killer. If the parents are stupid or irresponsible, then they should do time with the others.