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Man shot, killed on Watterson Expressway identified; officer, suspect also shot

Keyshaun Stewart, the alleged gunman, is a 25-year-old convicted felon now charged with murder, attempted murder of a police officer


RE: Man shot, killed on Watterson Expressway identified; officer...

December 1st, 2021 @ 11:34AM (2 years ago)

Wrong again, dummy. The two guys who decided to shut down the investigation were both politically appointed command staff. Appointed by who? By Democrat Mayor Greg Fischer, who you obviously voted for. LPD and JCPD Internal Affairs used to be run by commanders having civil service rank, but the democrats decided to make give all the leadership jobs to political appointees.


Police Chief Steve Conrad ended earlier investigation into cop accused of sex abuse. Conrad initiated an investigation of Betts in July 2013 for possible "improper contact with a female Explorer." The investigation ended in April 2014, one month after Betts submitted his resignation. He left the department May 1, 2014. "No further action need be taken," Conrad wrote in an internal memo.


Attorneys also believed that others in the department, including the LMPD Explorer Program's director, former Major Curtis Flaherty, covered up the allegations. Flaherty was never charged, but he was still the subject of a federal investigation. Flaherty was promoted by Conrad to Major during the course of the investigation. He later retired from the department.

"Who was looking over somebody else's back?" Thomas asked. "The one person who was in charge of investigating what officers were doing wrong, was the guy who was in charge of the officers who were doing the wrongdoing. That is Curtis Flaherty."