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Man shot, killed on Watterson Expressway identified; officer, suspect also shot

Keyshaun Stewart, the alleged gunman, is a 25-year-old convicted felon now charged with murder, attempted murder of a police officer


RE: Man shot, killed on Watterson Expressway identified; officer...

December 2nd, 2021 @ 12:06PM (2 years ago)

Wrong again, dummy. The rank and file weren't told about the allegations. Do you seriously think that kind of damning information about the command could have been hidden from the news media for more than a week if it was circulating around LMPD divisions? Not a chance.

There were negative comments as early as 2012 about Betts on this site because he was one of the command staff's house mouse https://www.lmpd.com/news/comments.php?sid=992&cid=173466#cid173466

The people who knew were all loyal democrat command staff appointed by the guy you voted for and a handful of others in PIU, PSU and the Explorer Unit.