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Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files defamation suit over statements to media


RE: Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files...

November 16th, 2021 @ 11:32AM (3 years ago)
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Homicides and overdose deaths began increasing nationwide as a direct result of the US Department of Justice de-emphasizing gang and anti-smuggling enforcement. They decided those were local police matters. What's most different today in comparison with how they were run prior to Bill Clinton is that their priorities often come from political appointees, who get them from politicians.

They also began imposing non-consensual Consent Decrees on police departments who were successful in criminal enforcement, by branding their strategies as being racist. A better word for them is Rape Decrees, because they usually lead to increase numbers of rapes and homicides. If police stop 10 black convicted felons in a high crime neighborhood, but don't stop 10 white soccer moms in a low crime neighborhood, then you're doing racist policing.