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Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files defamation suit over statements to media


RE: Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files...

November 14th, 2021 @ 12:53PM (3 years ago)

The DEA pretending cartels don't exist and the FBI spending their days trying to arrest conservative reporters and Trump supporters is a major reason why there are drug dealing gangs murdering people in the streets.

They feds do nothing about the drug importers, which gives the street gangs all the "product" they need to finance wars in the streets against other drug dealing gangs.More people are dying of drug overdoses today than ever before.

Drug overdose deaths increased by 30% since last year

Over 96,700 people die from drug overdoses in a year.

Opioids are a factor in 7 out of every 10 overdose deaths.

Over 1 million Americans have died of drug overdoses since 1999.

The number of homicides increased nearly 30% from 2019, the largest single-year increase since the 1960s.

There were more than 21,500 murders last year, a total not seen since the mid-1990s

In 2020, violent crime was up 5.6 percent from the 2019 number and the estimated number of aggravated assault offenses rose 12.1 percent