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Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files defamation suit over statements to media


RE: Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files...

November 9th, 2021 @ 10:21AM (3 years ago)

It's highly suspect to say the least. The honest ones must be cringing as they read about this, just like LMPD officers cringed as it was revealed command covered up the Explorer molestation.

There's nothing remotely honorable or honest about Joe Biden, his drug addict grifting son or his grifting brother.

His daughter appears to be another unfortunate victim of a man who everybody's know for years was too touchy-feely with children and women on public stages. There's no chance the FBI would be serving search warrants on a half dozen homes if the diary was not authentic.

The former Biden staff member's accusations weren't taken seriously by law enforcement or the media but maybe she should have been.