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Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files defamation suit over statements to media


RE: Louisville police officer shot in Breonna Taylor raid files...

November 8th, 2021 @ 11:16AM (3 years ago)

West end criminals sprayed over 100 rounds at a crowded public park a while ago and kill people every week. They fire bullets into peoples homes that kill their kids. Does anyone seriously believe they won't use $40,000 cameras for target practice if they decide they don't like where they're located? Do these same people really also believe that a camera will replace officers in an area like this?

These kinds of stupid ideas further confirm what the population already knows. This city's run by a bunch of naive white collar desk bound virtue signalling middle class fools. The ones were actually did police at one time in their careers have allowed their ambition for command rank to flush out everything they ever knew about policing.

The new mayor arriving next year should fire everyone above the rank of Lt and tell the Metro council they failed and have no say in how policing is going to be done. He should hire in an entirely new command staff from among the best of the LMPD retirees and retired GOOD command officers from other cities. Fischer drilled a mindset of political appeasement and failure permanently into the brains of those in command today.

The new mayor will have 1 term to turn the city around before the population will be seeking to replace him.