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LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform at abortion clinic


RE: LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform...

November 2nd, 2021 @ 6:20AM (8 months ago)

For over 10 yrs this idiot Mayor denied gang exist right along with Conrad, don't speak that word was their motto. For over a decade they worked to destroy the protection our communities had. For over a decade he and Conrad constantly reorganized this department to further neuter the department. They got rid of flex platoons that knew our division neighborhoods. They created the 9th mobile that is getting the cities azz sued off. They added those people to narcotics that knew nothing about our divisions. For over a decade Fischer fought to keep officer pay low and drive good people out. NOW he blames it on gangs and low pay????? If he gave a fuckz the contract recently rejected would have been ratified over two yrs ago and the department would have had a dedicated gang unit.