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LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform at abortion clinic


RE: LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform...

October 26th, 2021 @ 5:42AM (8 months ago)

21st Century Community Oriented Obamanite P**syboys like the chiefs and commands of the last 20 years never figured out they never were not the real police. Deskbound administrators and lawyers pushing police to not do any stops have caused thousand of avoidable deaths and additional crime victims to fall prey to violent career criminal street predators.

The ones in charge of Louisville today still won't admit it publicly, but they know they are just actors playing police on TV for a paycheck. The gangland murders and O.D. deaths make it too obvious to ignore anymore

The organized criminals run Louisville now except the areas they know citizens would probably shoot them. You don't see them hanging on corners where Billy Bob's AK toting MAGA flag militia lives. That's all thats really stopping them from turning the whole county into the same kind of hell you see in Russell.

Pretty soon they will shut down the few remaining proactive officers over the federal consent decree and Louisville's crime will drive major employers to either leave or hire their own large armed private police forces. I hope they pay well

Welcome to the wild west.