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LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform at abortion clinic


RE: LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform...

October 23rd, 2021 @ 12:20PM (8 months ago)
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Democrat elites are good at buck breaking. I don't mean the idiots like Biden but the billionaires and millionaires who control his every move. They boil us frogs slowly so we don't notice what they're doing and hop out of the pot of boiling water.

The reason is our society is run by evil people using divide and conquer to horde all the money and all the power.

They broke the black people by convincing black women they had to kick daddy out of the house to get their monthly welfare benefits. Black youth murder each other to keep their inner city blacks a permanent democrat-voting underclass.

They're breaking the white people by convincing them they're racists who need to wear 3 masks and take experimental injections every 6 months to have a job. They convince them all their problems are 1 Republican politician, just like Orwell's 1984 government had them screaming at Emmanuel Goldstein. Putting kids on the laps of crossdressing pedos is another means of getting parents to submit even more. Buck breaking isn't just for black people, but for everyone. That's 1% of society keep control of 90% of the wealth and 100% of the power.

People are gradually waking up, just like Americans of the 1770s. Our elites think there's no chance of that happening.

The British Empire thought they never would either.