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LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform at abortion clinic


RE: LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform...

October 21st, 2021 @ 11:10AM (8 months ago)

Public School Teacher Encourages Students to Pledge Allegiance to LGBT Pride Flag Instead of American Flag

A public school teacher was caught admitting to encouraging her students to pledge allegiance to the LGBT pride flag as an alternative to the American flag, bragging of the indoctrination on her own TikTok account. The teacher recounts taking down the American flag, an then pointing to the LGBT flag as an alternative

"We do have a flag in the class that you can pledge allegiance to," said the teacher when a student asked about the American flag that she had removed from the classroom "because of COVID." In another TikTok, she reveals the abundant LGBT propaganda she displays in her classroom, the space reminiscent of a gay bar.


RE: LMPD officer sues city over suspension for marching in uniform...

October 21st, 2021 @ 11:19AM (8 months ago)
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I Went To Drag Queen Story Hour In Washington, DC So You Don't Have To

His/Her performances include dancing in stockings with pieces of green cake falling off her costume, singing shirtless with duct tape on her breasts as people touch her forehead, dancing with a black thong around her thighs, and laying down with what appears to be fake sperm across her mouth.

He/She also does a "mixed media performance" in which she "satirizes the common adage that giving birth is like pushing out a watermelon by hiding a watermelon in a swimsuit and using burlesque style shimmying and self-adoration to give birth." According to her website, during this performance "visitors are invited to eat the 'placenta' made of watermelon gelatin."

Drag Queen Story Hour is essentially when creepy adults spend time with children to indoctrinate them on controversial theories about sex and diversity. It began in San Francisco in 2015 and was launched in part by a former prostitute.