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Off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy dies after being shot in Shively


RE: Off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy dies after being...

August 10th, 2021 @ 11:00AM (2 years ago)

Some younger officers and COs have been trained by retired on duty command to be just like them. It's the lazy attitude that used to make officers outcasts prior to the existence of metro. Metro has promoted them to be in charge, because metro politicians are afraid of offending the the left. If you tell officers to be pro-active and make arrests, then they get protests, riots and leftist calling them racist. The federal agencies and state police stick their heads in the sand about the violent crime in Louisville for the same reasons. It's a lot less controversial to stick to arresting white people in the country.

All these lazy R.O.D.'s who make their job 100% nothing more than a welfarian handout program should consider what happens when everyone takes their perspective on life. Some are obviously too self absorbed to police because they don't actually care about there being murders and rapes.

It's a different story for those people when it's the apathetic nurse sticking their arm with the wrong drug, the apathetic doctor chopping their testicle instead of their appendix, the auto mechanic who forgot a few bolts when installing their car's brakes or the utility worker who dug into a gas line outside their house and went home for the day.