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Off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy dies after being shot in Shively


RE: Off-duty Jefferson County Sheriff's Deputy dies after being...

August 8th, 2021 @ 12:10PM (3 years ago)

If the politicians of the old city had their way, Louisville would have started turning into Little Mogadishu back then instead of 10-15 years later. The difference was LPD had Captains and Lts who dismissed nonsense coming out of the chief's office and city hall.

The people hired under Metro at the major rank have nearly all been a collection of apathetic retired on duty types, ambitious political lackeys kissing democrat party butt to make chief, and house mouse in-crowd favorites who were nothing but White and Conrad's personal secretaries passing along their orders.

We can forget getting any changes out of the administration. They're a bunch of perma-losers.

The only real answer is widespread disobedience among the Officers, Sgts and Lts every time somebody above implies or directs them to not enforce the law. The FOP should drag them into court every time they try to discipline someone for ignoring their orders to ignore felonies, so they have to publicly explain the circumstances and have witnesses testifying.