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Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes for lying in Breonna Taylor warrant


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Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 6th, 2021 @ 2:15PM (3 years ago)

Aren't there more than only 4 people on the police merit board? Did the LMPD officers who sit on the police merit board also vote to uphold the termination of his employment?

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 7th, 2021 @ 11:40AM (3 years ago)

I'm not surprised at the result. There must always be a low ranking sacrificial lamb from LMPD to take the place of the Democrat appointees above him who made the decision to use law enforcement to make way for government funded real estate development. When you stick your neck out trying to please politicians or political appointees, they will hang you out to dry every time. Play it safe, forget about being a Major, do off-duty work instead, and don't ever stick your neck out.

The west end is what the west end wants to be. I believe in taking violent felons off the street, but spending weeks to prepare for midnight raids on a petty dope dealer's occasional money holder was a waste of time. The only thing people should be concerned about are the ones who roam the west end and the rest of the county pointing guns at people. You don't even need to do a lot of paperwork on those cases. Stop and frisk still works for felons and juveniles with guns, even if lawyers don't like it. F--k them, sue me.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 7th, 2021 @ 9:43PM (3 years ago)
Uploaded Image

PITTSBURGH, PA--The FBI released disturbing new details today regarding alleged January 6th rioter Robert Morss, who had a fully-constructed LEGO Capitol building in his home. Agents say Morss was also building several LEGO Harry Potter sets, leading authorities to believe he was planning a similar attack on Hogwarts Castle.

"The suspect had several completed LEGO Harry Potter building sets and was about 80% of the way through building the advanced-level LEGO Harry Potter Castle," said FBI bureau chief Warren Alvarez. "We feel we caught him just in the nick of time before things turned violent once more."

Alvarez said a review of Morss' online social media accounts show him to be a staunch supporter of Lord Voldemort, believing that Albus Dumbledore was fraudulently elected as the leader of Hogwarts. Documents found on his computer show that Morss was planning a violent protest at the school on July 31, Harry Potter's birthday.

"This is a huge win for law enforcement," said Alvarez. "The FBI is proud of our work taking dangerous, LEGO-building criminals off the streets. Also, now I don't have to buy my kid a birthday present, which is awesome."

In related news, press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden is renewing his calls for common-sense LEGO control, calling for universal background checks for all LEGO purchases as well as closing the toy show loophole. Psaki said. "We must work vigilantly to keep these dangerous LEGO weapons of war off our streets," Psaki said.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 9th, 2021 @ 10:24AM (3 years ago)

LMPD Chief Erika Shields: Officers are afraid to be proactive for fear of backlash.

Courier-Journal: Louisville's spike in gun violence is partly due to police officers being afraid to engage actively in the community, according to Louisville Metro Police Chief Erika Shields. "We have a real backlash against policing, which in turn has prompted what you're seeing ... is a reluctance by the officers to self-initiate activity, and to be proactive," Shields said in an interview Wednesday with The Washington Post.

"What I have encountered was officers, just not confident ... that the command leadership, the administration, the community, the city council will support them," Shields said. This is not a new sentiment. LMPD officers walked out of a meeting with Mayor Greg Fischer in June 2020, claiming he did not appropriately support them amid protests in the wake of the police killing of Breonna Taylor.

Shields, whom Fischer named chief in January, said she is trying to reinstitute the trust between commanders and officers by creating an executive team engagement plan that includes commanders joining officers for police details.

Her statement comes roughly two months after the U.S. Justice Department began a department-wide investigation of LMPD. Shields described news of the investigation as "another punch to the gut."

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 13th, 2021 @ 6:46AM (3 years ago)

No now really believed the merit board was going to give this officer his job back did you? This officer and any others including their commanding officers need to tell the truth. These warrants were pushed by mayor Fischer and his cronies. He once again is escaping. No conrad, Schroeder or chavous to speak against what they know, not that they would. Yeah Chavous only stepped up after she got fired when the new Chief came in at the direction of Fischer. Her credibility was shot during the hearing now as a disgruntled employee who was mad she did not get to be chief, but then again she was worthless anyway. Our department is in ruins, and crime is out of control, especially in the more compromised areas of the city. We as a police department should and do feel bad about that, but it is not all in the department. Where is BLM who claim they care about the communities, oh forgot no money in that. Where are our political candidates who have announced they are running calling Attica nd Corey why are you not marching for peace, oh forgot no political money in that. Where are our clergy who claim they are here for our communities. Oh forgot no money or cameras in that. Louisville needs a complete reset of leadership too to bottom.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 13th, 2021 @ 9:41AM (3 years ago)

Pro tip: Gang members don't actually kill over internet insults. They kill because there's an opposing gang in competition with them for turf and illicit profits. They tell naive lawyers and inexperienced detectives the story they think will get them the least amount of time. "I'm just a victim of systemic racism angry about my daddy running away who got mad over an insult on Facebook." Much better than "I'm a member of a violent street gang who kills members of opposing gangs to maximize our drug profits." They would get a little more time saying that. Democrat prosecutors usually love a convincing sob story from young criminals. That's why most of them end up being defense attorneys.


"A lot of our murders are retaliation for slights, beefs on social media, insults... the violence is the retaliation," she said."If we can just calm down the social media wars, perhaps that will calm down the battles on the streets and that will keep the next person from being shot"

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 14th, 2021 @ 11:28AM (3 years ago)

The prosecutor must be a little nervous about a hung jury. You know that when they get their reporter friends to run stories about their target.

Reporting someone's number of uses of force without context about why is a blatant attempt to ***** the jury pool of the Louisville Metro area.

Not everyone in law enforcement is able to stay in a nice comfortable office environment never requiring the use of force for every case their entire career. Some actually have to go to the high crime part of town and deal with the violent criminals that weak prosecutors failed to keep locked up.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 14th, 2021 @ 11:48AM (3 years ago)

Why are Louisville's courts so much weaker on drug dealers selling dope causing overdose deaths than everywhere else in the state? More people die every year in this country because of deadly dope than gunfire but the prosecutors here won't charge them with manslaughter. Maybe they'd notice if the overdose victims families start campaigning against their boss during election season.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 14th, 2021 @ 5:17PM (3 years ago)

I believe his momma. You probably have to be crazy to do your own custom logo on the side of your car then crash it into a jail building.

On the other hand, he is an outstanding citizen for taking himself directly where he needed to be without the police having to come get him. The Chief should give him a good citizen award.

The system is so full of these kinds of people because there are few mental hospital beds to take them anymore. The judges won't keep them hospitalized unless they're holding a chainsaw and yelling "HERE'S JOHNNY" The doctors don't view him as a high profit patient so they don't want him either.

You can't fix crazy with time in a prison. They come out worse usually.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 15th, 2021 @ 11:22AM (3 years ago)
Uploaded Image




Read the above articles and then compare them with statements made by the current chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. It is becoming increasingly clear why senior officers were interviewed by the Obama administration regarding their willingness to issue orders that would result in deadly force being used against US citizens.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 15th, 2021 @ 6:53PM (3 years ago)

The CROWN Act. With bigger things to worry about in Louisville, like an unprecedented murder rate, Bike Path is more concerned about protecting unkempt looking hairstyles. It'd be nice if he would devote that same kind of effort to reducing crime in this city.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 18th, 2021 @ 10:07AM (3 years ago)

The root cause of the McAtee shooting, like the Taylor shooting, was someone firing a gun in the direction of police. This is indisputable.

If they're going to secondary causes, like miscommunication by police, then you can't avoid also adding in the climate of anarchism promoted by democrat judges, politicians and prosecutors. They have insisted for many years that police stop enforcement of laws to cater to the wishes of "community spokespeople" who think policing and police are racist. Like these judges, prosecutors and politicians, many if not most of these "community spokespeople" do not even reside in the high crime areas they purportedly speak for.

Disingenuous political liars stoking the flames of racial discontent through police-bashing have the blood of 150-180 murder victims on their hands this year alone. 30 years ago only about 40 people were murdered in the entire county. Democrats like to think they aren't partially responsible for all the black youth being murdered, or murdering, every week of the year in this city. You can't fix stupid.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 19th, 2021 @ 9:39AM (3 years ago)

Another dangerous loyal democrat child predator off the streets. He's lucky it was just the police who got to him first.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 19th, 2021 @ 9:54AM (3 years ago)

The killers are moving east, just as predicted. You can't let the thugs "kill each other" like the last few administrations have and expect they aren't eventually going to show up in the nice neighborhoods you live in. The Thug Class has something even more convenient than Uber called au to theftand they never run out of homes to burglarize when they need a gun.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 20th, 2021 @ 10:32AM (3 years ago)

Pro tip: People not identifying themselves pulling over misidentified suspects after they cross into Indiana probably aren't local police officers. These types like paperwork as much as they like owning up to embarrassing mistakes.

NEW ALBANY -- The wife of a man who alleged Louisville police pulled handguns on him during a traffic stop says department officials accused him of lying during a meeting last month.

A Louisville Metro Police Department spokesperson said last week the investigation into the claims made by New Albany resident Tomas Montalvo is ongoing. Montalvo said in a previous interview with the News and Tribune that he was pulled over by multiple police officers, who he believed to be LMPD, during a traffic stop at about 6 a.m. on April 9 after he crossed the George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge on his way to work.

Montalvo said plainclothes officers alleged they had a warrant for his arrest out of Florida and demanded he exit his vehicle. Montalvo said his anxiety increased due in part to the tone of the officers and because he was confused as to why he had been stopped. According to Montalvo, who is part Cuban and Nigerian, the vehicle was registered to his wife and he's never lived in Florida. Montalvo said he declined to exit the vehicle because he was afraid of what would happen, and asked to speak with a police supervisor. Officers threatened to pull him from the vehicle at one point before what appeared to be a supervisor showed up at the scene and confirmed Montalvo wasn't the person they were looking for, according to Montalvo.

The incident gained attention following social media posts by Montalvo's wife, Jennifer Ortiz, who is a college professor and the president of the New Albany Human Rights Commission. An LMPD spokesperson acknowledged on April 10 that the department had been made aware of the allegations, adding that it was unclear whether Louisville police were involved in the incident. The following week, LMPD met with Montalvo and the department's Professional Standards unit began an investigation.

Since then, the News and Tribune has asked regularly for updates, including Friday, and was informed by LMPD each time that the investigation was ongoing. During a phone call Monday, Ortiz said she didn't understand why LMPD was alleging that the investigation was ongoing. She said in early June, LMPD officials met with Montalvo and that it "was not a friendly meeting."

Ortiz said she went with her husband to the meeting but wasn't allowed in for the proceedings. Ortiz said Montalvo left the meeting "in tears" and told her they had accused him of lying. "They asked him what it was he was hiding," Ortiz said. "They seemed to suggest that he's making the whole thing up." LMPD investigators told him they had found no video footage to support his claims, Ortiz said. She found that "hard to believe" since there are street cameras in the vicinity of the bridge. An email and a phone message left for LMPD's media relations department had not been responded to as of Monday evening. Ortiz emphasized the incident wasn't made up by Montalvo. She said he's struggled with nightmares and trauma since the traffic stop.

When asked what their next steps would be, Ortiz said she's been contacted by lawyers and others encouraging the couple to file a lawsuit. She said Montalvo has undergone therapy since the incident and she's worried that filing a lawsuit could take more of a toll on him.

"I'm so concerned with my husband's mental health because of this interaction that I'm not sure I could put him through that," she said.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 20th, 2021 @ 10:45AM (3 years ago)

There's absolutely no chance that HR or PSU investigated without a paper trail. The only chance of that would have been if command witnessed something themselves and made a deal to let him retire. This didn't happen. I sincerely hope everyone paid attention to the hard lesson learned by Jaynes and company when they tried to please the administration last time. Fischer's people love having stooges to take the fall so they can deny they had anything to do with it.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 21st, 2021 @ 7:30PM (3 years ago)

You may think that telling officers "good job" for catching a pedophile child abductor in the act and saving a child would be something the Mayor, Chief, some Metro Council members, and other self-important people in suits might want to at least be involved in.

They were not. Doing anything remotely positive is career-ending for a democrat or a higher-up serving democrats.

It's nice Louisville still has some good decent leaders representing the people, courtesy of the voters in the rest of the state.

The newspaper made sure to write a few extra one-sided articles in the last week to make sure we know they're woke, progressive and still hate LMPD.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 24th, 2021 @ 3:39PM (3 years ago)

Scenario: Man, possibly with weapon, refuses to leave home

2021 response: Officers notify sergeant. Sergeant notified SWAT. SWAT assembles in full tactical gear. HN spends hours trying to talk the man from from his agitated state and surrender peacefully over the next 12 to 24 hours.

1991 response: Officer slams multiple D battery flashlight or nightstick into armed man's limbs and torso, rendering him unable to reach his weapon. Calls EMS who says he's OK. Officer drops him off at the book, calls 10-8 and heads to get a complimentary drink at the nearest Thorntons 1 hour later.

One of the many reasons crime was so much lower back then than today.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 24th, 2021 @ 3:52PM (3 years ago)

I realize she's the "new person" at LMPD but its time someone with actual experience take her to school on the causes of violent crime in Louisville.

Louisville's always had gangs even though nobody wanted to talk about them. They were worse in the 1970s. Associated of the Chicago mob used to operate here and had even had people in government on their payroll. The violence slowed down when the organized crime behind it got busted up.

Louisville today has receded into an organized crime town, only this time it's driven by extremely violent street gangs cliques and their Mexican cartel suppliers. The media's been given an ear full on the situation and done stories, but everyone forgets after hearing the democrat party line bullsh-t over and over about it being all about the sale of legal guns, social media bickering, lack of employment opportunities and all the rest.

One day if you people pull your head out of your a-s long enough to be police instead of politicians, you might actually make a dent in the crime rate. I predict this chief will fail as the last several have failed. Political animals make horrible cops.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 27th, 2021 @ 10:03AM (3 years ago)

Bottom line. Our new Chief can have all the podcasts she wants. Use carp to describe juveniles getting shot in the street, use buzzwords from the COP playbook, state the obvious that we are not doing any proactive police work because of the past year, say we are short officers by the hundreds but the violence will continue. Until we get a mayor with some balls who in turn will hire a chief with some balls. Think about it...do ya really think good decent people in the West end want to live in the cesspool of violence. Do you think they are standing on the streets witnessing this shizz and especially at 2am in the morning? Do ya think they were downtown protesting and blowing up our city? They know and the police know we are letting some bullshizz happen because we have a weak mayor, prosecutor, metro council and politicians like Attica scott, Corey Booker and serious Reynolds push a false narrative on us that policing is a bad thing. Well...how is that working out when no policing is getting done? What an embarrassment that lies at the footsteps of metro hall.

Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 29th, 2021 @ 9:45AM (3 years ago)

Board of Education special kind of stupid too. Busted out by an actual employee for their hypocrisy. Kids killing kids everyday in possibility city and they think this is not gonna end up at the footsteps of our schools.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

July 30th, 2021 @ 5:30PM (3 years ago)

Has anyone explained why it's supposedly not OK for an LMPD officer to participate in a peaceful pro-life march, but it was fine for all those public employees, including many at JCPS and other city departments, to participate in BLM protests where people damaged property every day? An off-duty officer out of uniform praying is worse than someone "taking a knee" for BLM while on-duty and readily identifiable as law enforcement?

It's all about power. Right and wrong has nothing to do with how democrats think.


Louisville Police Merit Board upholds firing of Joshua Jaynes...

August 1st, 2021 @ 11:05AM (3 years ago)

Highlands Democrats may regret re-electing Fischer now that the gangs are expanding into their neighborhoods. LMPD's now allowed by Fischer to even say the word gang. That only happens in "other cities". These are merely angry underprivileged youth acting out because of systemic racism and insults on Facebook!

If anyone still believes their lies, they they deserve the crime Fischer has brought to their neighborhood. He's not done putting gang members and drug networks into new subsidized housing in the east end either. He and the Biden Administration have big plans for making any remaining safe pockets of Louisville dangerous in the next few years.


Those needing a clue about gangs in Louisville can read this. The only Louisville LEO that's publicly reported accurately on gangs is the Leo Magazine.