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LMPD, Mayor Fischer unveil dashboard for public to track progress on police reform


RE: LMPD, Mayor Fischer unveil dashboard for public to track...

June 11th, 2021 @ 7:45AM (3 years ago)

But but but....I thought this new Chief was gonna make things all better. Welp, how has that been working for us???? Our new Chief is indicative of the leadership across the board from the mayor to the metro council. She leaves Atlanta the minute adversity hits and says on her way out the door "I want the police department to have the chance to connect better with the community" well he'll she was the chief. Yet, we hire her so we have to wonder how bad were the other candidates???? Don't matter we will see no change nor a safer city with her or this mayor here. She can do all the podcasts and does the same o!d rhetoric our former chief did, but until they are willing to let us be the police we are in trouble. Election is next year and we can only pray people wake up and vote someone legit in.