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Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta tasing are reinstated


RE: Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta...

March 13th, 2021 @ 12:09PM (3 years ago)

The officers has a warrant, and a legal right to enter the apartment, but they're still lucky to be alive especially the one who got shot near an artery. Even if you bang once or twice on the door the average person won't wake up and be fully conscious for at last 15-30 seconds after a loud noise. If their instinct tells them someone's home invading, then they're going to pull out their weapon in a state of disorientation and people are probably going to get shot. This is why the SWAT commander made the comments he did about these officers.

Nobody goes busting in a door at midnight while people are in bed over petty drug charges in 2021 if they have any common sense. The law sides with the home owners now more than the officers if you aren't outside making a lot of noise long enough to wake the soundest sleeper in the county, which a jury or judge would decide.