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Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta tasing are reinstated


RE: Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta...

March 12th, 2021 @ 12:55PM (3 years ago)

Walker's claim of "firing a warning shot" is a very weak excuse. Anybody who's had even just 5 minutes of a firearms safety class already knows or should've known that you always identify your target and know what you're shooting at, before pulling the trigger. So even if Walker was telling the truth, as dubious as it seems, at a minimum still should've been criminally charged with something for causing a serious injury due to his reckless behavior or negligence. From the photos that were being shown in the media, all of the involved officers appeared to have been wearing jackets or vests emblazoned with the word "POLICE" and other easily identifiable law enforcement markings. Walker should've reasonably known he was firing a gun at police officers. That's on top of the knocking and announcing that they were there to execute a search warrant. When you put all of that together, Walker should have sufficiently known.