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Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta tasing are reinstated


RE: Two officers fired by Police Chief Erika Shields over Atlanta...

February 21st, 2021 @ 9:48AM (3 years ago)

It's beyond that now. People are being fired from private companies for just having pro-Trump or pro-Republican comments on social media. Companies are banning them from being customers if they see something incompatible with their corporate agenda.

What's not being talked about is all of this is because the billionaires and many companies made trillions of dollars of communist china. Guys like Fischer's buddy Bloomberg and his friends. They hated Trump because he started messing with their slave-trade deals by imposing duties and sanctions on China. They love Biden because his family's been taking bribes from the Chinese for years. Biden signed an executive order 2 weeks ago allowing the chinese to access our power grid. Texas's power grid mysteriously failed a short time later.

The democrat cities deserve to be abandoned by all those who work for a living. Let's see how they do after chasing off all those capable of working a real job for a living.