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Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined, in Breonna Taylor shooting


RE: Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined...

January 29th, 2021 @ 10:32AM (3 years ago)

Looking at that map, you see the how stupid the Highlands rule that Shields pushed in the media is.

You can't police a high-violence gang-infested neighborhood as if it's a low-crime no-gang community. Anyone who ever actually policed knows this. Who doesn't know this? People who spent their careers trying to politick their way to the top. People who don't actually care if there's crime or not, so long as politicians give them a wink and a nod that they've said all the right things.

Nearly all politicians in big cities are narcissistic manipulators with low empathy. A few degrees off from being serial killers, which they may have easily become if their mommy or daddy was a little meaner. The chiefs they select are almost always going to be the kind who never questions orders and just wants to have the big job.

Louisville has a dim future if the majority doesn't start showing up to vote in someone better than the welfare class has been voting in.