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Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined, in Breonna Taylor shooting


RE: Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined...

January 21st, 2021 @ 2:24AM (3 years ago)

The new generation of the democratic party has gone completely lunatic. They no longer support traditional American values. They try their best to suppress conservative speech in the media. They don't support law and order; last year's riots, burning, and looting are proof of that... it occurred almost entirely in democrat controlled cities, and they refused to step in and intervene. They didn't seem to care about law and order whatsoever, until some idiot rednecks decided to storm the U.S. Capitol building. They think ILLEGAL immigration is perfectly okay and don't care about securing our borders. If you voted for conservative republicans they call you a racist or white supremacist, despite the fact that a lot of non-whites also voted for Republicans. If you celebrate Columbus Day or the 4th of July, newsflash... you're a racist according to this new batch of modern democrats. These neo-liberals who now hold political office at the federal level have transformed a major American political party into a leftist Marxist party, which will soon drift toward authoritarian oppression for anyone who doesn't agree with them. They're so twisted now, that it makes Bill Clinton's eight years in office and Barack Obama's first-term look totally centrist and normal.