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Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined, in Breonna Taylor shooting


RE: Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined...

January 15th, 2021 @ 4:31AM (3 years ago)

93% peaceful? Chrissy boy, you get dumber every single day. Breonna Taylor, good riddance to another dope dealer. You have more sympathy for a dead dope dealer than the people who her and her dope dealing boyfriends poisoned with their drug dealing. She ain't nothing but a means to an end for you. You don't give a zhit about Taylor... just another useful idiot for you to use in order to complain about the police. If she wasn't shot by a bullet from a cop, you wouldn't even give a crap to know her name. Gutless coward, Chris Murphy. You can run, but you can't hide. Still waiting on proof where you signed your own name to any post here, news article or forum elsewhere. You said you did. Prove it. Liar.

RE: Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined...

January 15th, 2021 @ 10:18AM (3 years ago)

Allow me to take you to school. Hop aboard the bus on this adventure into how things usually work with prosecutors.

Giuliani and the other attorneys had a stack of signed, sworn affidavits alleging various crimes had occurred in relation to polling stations, ballots and mail in ballots. There was sworn testimony in 3 state legislatures to that affect.

Now normally, a federal prosecutor is more than willing to indict you if some computer guy can trace your IP address to a threatening comment left on social media, even if you don't admit it, and even if they know for a fact that hackers can manipulate computer hard drives to fabricate that kind of evidence in 10 minutes or less.

Now let us compare to differences. The federal prosecutors and judges refused to even seriously consider what would normally be an overwhelming amount of evidence for holding a civil court hearing or a grand jury review. Why is this, you ask?

It's because they work for corrupt revolving door appointees who instruct them to laugh off certain crimes, like back when the banks were committing widespread mortgage derivatives fraud. They make $175,000 in federal service. They make between $2 million and $20 million as law firm partners each year working for law firms serving the corporations who committed that fraud, and who want Trump gone from office at any cost.

It's no conspiracy theory. It's how America has actually worked for most of its history. The money people the big money make the rules and always have. Democracy exists, but it's not alone. It shares power with the plutocracy.