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Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined, in Breonna Taylor shooting


RE: Louisville police fire 2 detectives, others disciplined...

January 15th, 2021 @ 10:38AM (3 years ago)

The technical term for this is "They screwed the pooch". The media and democrat politicians didn't do such a hot job convincing the public that Biden won in a fraud-free election. The public usually just complains and forgets about it, which is what they thought would happen. Then they had the riot at the capitol and doubled down by labeling all Trump supporters as seditious treasonous rebels and such, trying to ban them from everything possible and scare them into silence.

That hasn't worked either apparently according to the polls showing America evenly split 50/50 on all of this. Now they have a real problem, where half the country thinks the US government has an illegitimate leader. Now they decide police and troops are the answer and have turned the capitol into a copy of the Green Zone in Baghdad. They are circulating wild stories about simultaneous attacks of dozens of state capitols and military-trained units, but have arrested only mysterious buffalo head-wearing transcendental meditating hippies, unarmed good-ole-boys, and a few BLM-Antifa radicals who showed up to get radical.

The credibility issue is their real problem. Eventually people just quit listening once they realize you're a liar. The powerful politicians making up wild accusations of treason about what was an average riot by BLM standards, but just happened to be at a more important location, are revealing their cards. Their cards being they don't care about the average person being victimized by rioters, but just themselves being victimized. Hypocrisy and self-serving behavior all damn day in Washington.