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LMPD’s new chief comes to Louisville following 20+ year law enforcement career in Atlanta


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LMPD’s new chief comes to Louisville following 20+ year law...

January 11th, 2021 @ 7:23AM (3 years ago)

"I believe that is up to us, who call ourselves community leaders, it's time for us to lead," Findley Jr. said.

Findley Jr. says while some of these shootings and homicides occur in black neighborhoods, it shines a light on the systemic issues that the city is facing in many other communities. He believes a chance for everyone from faith

leaders to policy changers - to step up

9 murders in 11 days and over 20 shootings. This guy says it is time for them to lead. Well what the hell has he or any other community leader been doing. Oh wait, if they are not getting paid and this past year or not fitting the hate the police narrative they don't have time. Plus when you are a false profit do not think a person is going to follow you.

LMPD’s new chief comes to Louisville following 20+ year law...

January 14th, 2021 @ 11:07AM (3 years ago)

Take note, young officers, because this is how the democrats operate. When they're not trying to make up lies about Republicans, they're using the dirt they have on each other to advance their personal agendas. Racegrifter Sadiqa steps to the forefront to be the spokeswoman for progressives who think the chief's not black enough to be the chief in Louisville. The liberal blacks love the corrupt Atlanta DA who is the primary culprit in this story, so they don't dare bring his name into the conversation. They just use it to take down the more moderate white democrat Fischer hired as chief.


A former employee of the Atlanta Police Department, working under Erika Shields, claims Shields pressured her to sign an invoice that is now the subject of a state and federal investigation, according to reports by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. The Georgia Bureau of Investigations told WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters that Shields, the former Atlanta chief who was just named LMPD's chief last week, is not a subject in the ongoing investigation. But while Shields is not a focus of that agency's criminal investigation, leaders in Louisville want to know more about the former employee's claims. "It doesn't make you feel confident," Louisville Urban League CEO Sadiqa Reynolds told WAVE 3 News. The investigation is focused on the former Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard. He is accused of pocketing more than $200,000 of taxpayer money intended for a project aimed at reducing violence.

Woodard told the AJC she signed it because Shields, the then-deputy chief, pressured her to do so. Woodard told the newspaper she "feared losing her job" if she didn't sign it. "Everything was done under duress," Woodard was quoted by the AJC

new chief

January 20th, 2021 @ 3:56PM (3 years ago)

tell me its not true the new chief has her own driver and 24 hour security!!!!!!