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68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal Stadium

The group announced plans to march from South Central Park to the Louisville Metro Police Department Training Academy.


RE: 68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal...

September 7th, 2020 @ 6:57PM (10 months ago)

LMPD is a dumpster fire just like Gentry. She is as big an idiot today as she was then. Couldn't handle JCYC or the community office they put her in. She bashed Fischer publicly and he brings her back. Such garbage. Like the domestic runs made to Whites house while she was banging on his door. She says she was an investigator for a long time. That is a bold faced lie.

RE: 68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal...

September 8th, 2020 @ 11:04AM (10 months ago)

She was in a specialized unit for a few years as a Sergeant. She never dealt with anything related to gangs. Her anti-gang experience was her telling some activists while on the command staff that gangs should stop killing each other and the murders are really out of control. That was back when the murders were a lot fewer than today. She was genuinely concerned but didn't know or even have the ability to do anything about it.

The White administration was only slightly less incompetent than the Conrad administration, but benefited from having a department that was mostly trained by prior administrations that knew what they were doing in the Sgt, Lt and Major ranks.

It doesn't take a genius to be a good chief. It takes someone with the skill to hire in those who can competently lead and train people and doesn't micromanage them. The main thing she has to do on her own is maneuver through the political quagmire of dirty Louisville politics. None of these politicians are honest people or even decent people. They have proven that by crying crocodile tears over all the murders, but in the end sticking with the status quo through the entire Fischer administration. Fischer himself and his deputy flunkies are liars who will stab her in the back and throw her under the bus as the disposable temp-hire she is. It's not a job I'd want at all. I doubt anyone with a clue about this city is going to apply except desperate unemployed ex-police chiefs or people who don't give a damn about anything but their high 3.