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68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal Stadium

The group announced plans to march from South Central Park to the Louisville Metro Police Department Training Academy.


RE: 68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal...

September 2nd, 2020 @ 10:43AM (11 months ago)

The state legislature has never had much interest in Louisville because Louisville's like a different country compared to most of Kentucky. It's full of angry libtards who think guns should be banned and that not taking a knee on command of the BLM cultural revolutionaries is a form of racism. The democrats running for state-wide offices just do what's required to keep the Mayor on their side, because without him and the Highlands-Lexington Road-River Road democrat political machine, Democrats can't win state-wide office.

Only about 1 in 5 voters vote for local offices. That makes them all very vulnerable politically. The weak politicians will get a rude awakening when normally non-voting $12 per hour blue collar people decide to go vote in those promising to restore order to society.

It will take a while, but these riots will help reverse a long-standing drift the country has taken towards lawlessness starting the day Obama took office.

Some cities are doomed, because nobody is going to be left there but welfarians, radicals and government workers after the taxpayers all move out. They won't be able to afford their welfare systems anymore, which will enrage the leftist horde even more than it is today. The suburbs around the big dirty democrat crime infested cities will have to build up their police forces just to keep them from invading and preying on the public there or else lose their taxpayer populations too.

RE: 68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal...

September 2nd, 2020 @ 1:36PM (11 months ago)

4 homicides on a Tuesday evening. It's becoming just a normal occurrence for a regular weekday in Louisville.