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68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal Stadium

The group announced plans to march from South Central Park to the Louisville Metro Police Department Training Academy.


RE: 68 arrested as protesters march to Churchill Downs, Cardinal...

August 28th, 2020 @ 10:36AM (4 years ago)

People think the metro council is better than Fischer but it's not. They're Fischer's controlled opposition, who pretend there is someone holding him in check when there isn't. They are all Team Fischer, because Team Fischer is the same as the Democrat party. The Democrat party is a corrupt institution that has made a business of gaining power through dividing the population, demagoguery and race baiting since the early 1800s. They used to play whites against blacks. Now they play blacks against whites. It's an old strategy handed down from one generation of psychopaths to the next.

The democrats on the metro council will vote down any attempt to remove Fischer from office or censure him. They and the democrat judges they are allied with will block any attempt to reveal the truth about the Taylor case. They want Cameron to take all the heat from a decision not to prosecute any of the officers, so people will quickly forget about anything the democrats did.

They are setting up David James to run for Mayor. James used to be the rebel but he's been brought to heel because he thinks being their good boy will elevate him to power. All he has to do is sell out. Easy for him.