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3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge, may result in charges


RE: 3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge...

August 13th, 2020 @ 9:15AM (4 years ago)

Louisville Metro began as an interesting experiment to make Louisville appear like a big city. Now it's like being married into a family of druggies, liars and psychos.

Being tied to the west end and liberal inner city east end is like being tied to an anchor headed to the bottom of the ocean. Their counterparts are destroying their futures across America as we speak. We should not let them destroy ours.

The only recourse the east and south end have left is to approach the state legislature about reducing the powers of metro government and increasing the powers of small cities, including allowing incorporation of new cities and allowing annexation. Small cities can collaborate to provide real public services and public safety while Louisville heads to the bottom. If they provide all their own services then they should owe little or nothing to the county in taxes. Only the state legislature can fix Jefferson County now.