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3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge, may result in charges


RE: 3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge...

August 10th, 2020 @ 10:50AM (4 years ago)

Here's why Fischer had such an easy time winning in previous years.

"Approximately 15.8% of Jefferson County's registered voters participated in 2018's mayoral primaries, which is slightly lower than the national turnout average of 19.6%"

The democrats drive black people to the polls from all over the west end and the east end black neighborhoods to get them to vote. They even give them a sack lunch in some cases. They use every trick in the book to make black people hate white conservatives and capitalism. Then they load them up in buses, cars, motorcycles, mopeds, and little red wagons to get them to vote every November.

The apathetic silent majority doesn't even bother to vote, so we get the atrocious mayors picked by angry west end black democrats, highlands hippies and others having their noses in the trough of taxpayer dollars.

That is, until the community got pissed off enough about the riots, assaults, arson, vandalism, murders, robberies, carjacking, and a consistent failure to act within metro government to stop any of it. Now they will see what happens when you make the white people lose their "white guilt" and decide it's time to put the scum behind bars.