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3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge, may result in charges


RE: 3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge...

August 10th, 2020 @ 10:17AM (4 years ago)

Democrats won't win the Mayor's office for a long time after Fischer's gone. That's when Louisville will start being rebuilt. The number of angry west end blacks and liberal highlands radicals are greatly outnumbered by the population of who normally doesn't vote but is now outraged by the crime and destruction. The regular people are absolutely livid over what's happened here. It will be a painful reckoning for the democrat party in future elections.

They'll get no good applicants for chief as long as Fischer is Mayor. Nobody qualified will accept being beholden to the Mayor's office for every decision. They will get a few LMPD command wanting to bump up their last 2 years pay before retirement and maybe some who are desperate to be chief anywhere they can get hired.