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3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge, may result in charges


RE: 3 Black militia members injured in negligent gun discharge...

August 4th, 2020 @ 10:13AM (4 years ago)

Greg Fischer's never had a real chief under him because he was always pulling their strings. Conrad was expert in making people think he was the all-controlling micro-manager. He was the go-between allowing Fischer to appear to operate at arms length while pushing down political directions into LMPD.

The truth is that Conrad has always done the bidding of the Mayor's office all the way back to the 1990s when he was a Captain. Captains were very independent of both the chief's office and mayor's office back them, but he wanted to go up the ladder under King Jerry. He let his Lts run the district because he lacked experience at the time. He repeated that in Arizona as chief, which is why his record wasn't marred by his poor judgement there.

The truth is Greg Fischer has wanted LMPD to lay down from day 1 of his administration because the far-left activists hate police and he couldn't win a race for dogcatcher in this county without the far-left activists supporting him. Fischer and the activists couldn't care less how many people get murdered, raped or robbed in the west end. None of the prominent activists live anywhere near the west end.