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Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing


RE: Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing

May 29th, 2020 @ 12:19PM (1 year ago)
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Liberals are overwhelmingly right-brain thinkers who put feelings ahead of logic. That's why they rationalize every illegal act, from promoting an unqualified ice cream cone-making 21st Century Obamacop they're friends with to lead a unit doing high risk work, ending an investigation into an accused pedophile who one of their favorites considers a favorite or falsifying a wiretap affidavit to a court using illegitimate information on their quest to "get Trump". They do not adhere to a strong moral code or the rule of law. Policy and law matter far less than what or who the Chief and Mayor feel about it.

They are governed by their emotions and politics. Instead of fixing problems, they try to appease the crowd in other ways. These types of people have always been in law enforcement, since it's a by-product of politics, but they do not legitimately belong in law enforcement. They make poor decisions costing people their lives. These types of poor decisions are now causing mass disturbances, violence and further erosion of public confidence in government and in law enforcement in particular.