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Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing


RE: Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing

May 28th, 2020 @ 8:51AM (1 year ago)

How about unlawful imprisonment? Was told Bikelane reached out to Buckner up in Syracuse, but turned him down.

RE: Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing

May 28th, 2020 @ 2:31PM (1 year ago)

Fischer's on his last term, knows he's done in politics after this since Bloomberg won't ever be President and doesn't care about appearances as much anymore. He won't have an easy time finding anyone to apply but the ones living in Louisville.

With the chief gone, the Mayor's main concern should be making sure the people in critical leadership positions are at least minimally competent for those positions and they're doing their jobs.

Criminal Interdiction is a spot many people want so there was no excuse for Conrad on those poor picks. The detective precipitating the raid should have been moved out when they saw he was continuing the back-and-forth altercations with the guy suing him. If a Major can't catch that, then they have no business being in that spot no matter who they're related to or how much they live and breathe the Chief's 21st century policing pet rock

RE: Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing

May 28th, 2020 @ 5:36PM (1 year ago)

The bad hires have been getting on everywhere. There's not as many qualified people applying so they let psychos, bullies, perverts and other forms of the criminally inclined in the door. Watch the Minneapolis video if you want to see an indisputable example of what it's leading to. I expect there will be a lot more bystanders attacking police who use force that appears questionable as a direct result of that. I'd have tased that officer if I'd seen that happening.

Being police in a large city is no longer worth it. The laws allow the people to protect themselves here. Too bad if they choose not to. No officer is ever going to save them unless they're in a division when something happens.