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Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing


RE: Officer departures dominate LMPD budget hearing

May 27th, 2020 @ 9:34PM (1 year ago)

Would think a felony charge for binding her hands would be apparent along with a felony sexual abuse against her will???? If the guy works in the 6th division how the he'll was he at a Thorntons for 2 hours on Taylor blvd???

Will not be surprised if a few more women pop up with reports ala...Cano. Department hires by the Chiefs staff the past years have proven to be stellar. On another note anyone surprised that the Mayor's hire of Parrot of MSD wants to raise rates??? Typical as Fischer loves to raise taxes and hire those that do. Also saw Fischer on TV today he looks like hell. Never fear though he will still screw the public with taxes and give it out like candy on halloween.