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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor


RE: Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor...

May 17th, 2020 @ 4:50AM (4 years ago)

You sound upset, keyboard coward. Strike a nerve, did I? The only ALLEGED FACTS that have come out are the ones that have been filtered through the slanted mouth of a biased attorney who wants to make a huge chunk of change off this case, you gullible moron. Last I checked, genius, the news media, who make money off of clicks on stories and selling papers, are not investigative branches of the court system. As much as you hate the FACT, the Constitution of the United States insures due process in a court of law where BOTH SIDES GET TO PRESENT THEIR FACTS. A verdict will be rendered based on the FACTS, NOT YOUR TOUCHY FEELS. The majority of citizens in this city are fair minded and want to SEE THE FACTS OF WHAT HAPPENED come out in a COURT OF LAW. Why you don't says more about you than anything else. Once again, your blow hole is making statements you know absolutely nothing about. You have no idea what combat experience current police officers have had or the training they receive on a regular basis. Just like a keyboard coward, running off at the mouth about crap you know nothing about. But you keep swinging for the fences, maybe one day you'll make contact. In the meantime, I saw on Facebook where LMPD is taking applications. Somebody with you knowledge of the law and vast experience in law enforcement should be eager to put your money where your mouth is and sign the dotted line and put your application in. I'm sure you will. It's easier to type your crazy pontifications from your mommy's basement, I guess.