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Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor


RE: Facts: What we know about the shooting death of Breonna Taylor...

May 14th, 2020 @ 2:23PM (4 years ago)

"You should know all the facts before passing judgement"

That applies double to police who blindly defend any officer anywhere anytime without regard to facts. They wrote that they killed the suspect who shot at them. Then they wrote that the other suspect shot at them and charged him with it. Obviously there's more to this story than your preconceived idea that all officers are innocent of everything. The Explorers didn't molest themselves either. It was officers.

"In the arrest citation -- which lists a violation time of 12:43 a.m., with an arrest 17 minutes later -- police wrote that after being read his rights, Walker admitted to being the "only person to shoot from inside of the apartment." But, in an affidavit signed by a judge less than three hours after Taylor was killed, an LMPD officer's writing indicated police may have believed that Taylor had fired the gun. "As the detectives attempted to make entry subject inside the residence was armed with a(n) unknown gun and fired shot striking a detective," it said. "In the course of protecting themselves and other civilians detectives returned gunfire and struck the subject unknown number of times. The subject collapsed inside the listed residence and subsequently pronounced deceased on scene."