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Judge releases man who shot officer during deadly confrontation 2 weeks ago

Kenneth Walker released on home incarceration


RE: Judge releases man who shot officer during deadly confrontation...

April 11th, 2020 @ 9:35AM (3 years ago)

Conrad was a deskbound bureaucrat passed over for chief in the Abramson-Armstrong days. He wasn't considered promoteable because he lacked experience at managing non-administrative functions. Unfortunately, that is still the situation. He's runs the whole department like it's an Administrative Services division with almost no focus on stopping crime. He's mostly worried about the backoffice functions and bureaucratic politics of the job, although he doesn't do them particularly well. Hamilton, Sherrard, and Smith never had anywhere near the scandal that he's had from his poor decisions. He's simply not a leader or capable of selecting leaders. I'm sure Greg Fischer is the same considering he's kept Conrad this long.