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Judge releases man who shot officer during deadly confrontation 2 weeks ago

Kenneth Walker released on home incarceration


RE: Judge releases man who shot officer during deadly confrontation...

April 9th, 2020 @ 10:15AM (3 years ago)

The crazy times were when several LMPD officers were fu-king children under their care in the Explorers without any other officers questioning or noticing them. Maybe because the people supposed to be catching them worked for Betts's good buddy running PIU and he was the Chief's favorite buttboy?

There's a long list of crazy stories about LMPD. We could take them 1 by 1. There's the time thieves charging overtime they never worked. There's the serial rapist with the bad record who your department hired from Miami and refused to charge even after a 9 women came forward. There's the systematic dumping of rape kits so your lazy department didn't have to start a case on their rapists that might require a little work. There's all the people who beat citizens to a pulp who were never charged. There's the perjury by members of your command lying about the Explorer cover up and the whistleblower they demoted and forced out. There's the turning a blind eye to all of these crimes at both high and low levels of the department. The only thing that can fix LMPD right now is a new Mayor hiring in an entirely new command staff who fires all those who participated or turned a blind eye to corruption.

Anytime you want to talk about any of that, instead of gay truckers, go right ahead. I doubt you will. Your friends are lucky the prosecutors around here are more worried about electoral politics than doing what they should be to clean up LMPD.