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Virginia police coming to Louisville to recruit LMPD officers


RE: Virginia police coming to Louisville to recruit LMPD officers...

February 17th, 2020 @ 11:22AM (4 years ago)

The state FOP is run by a group of people from Ashland and Northern Kentucky. They hold the meetings in Ashland, where the FOP President lives, rather than somewhere more central allowing members to easily attend. They have a lobbyist in Frankfort who does the endorsement picks. There's no by-law empowering them to make endorsements or saying how they should be decided.

The state FOP does nothing for anyone here. They're a lot like a foreign king demaning tribute and offering nothing in return. We'd be better off forming a separate union that doesn't answer to them in any way or owe them any money. We can make our own gay little license plate symbols for the FOP symbols historically allowing police relatives to drive 30 over the limit with impunity. That's the only thing I've ever seen the state FOP do for anyone around here.