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Virginia police coming to Louisville to recruit LMPD officers


RE: Virginia police coming to Louisville to recruit LMPD officers...

February 13th, 2020 @ 10:37PM (4 years ago)

I know that's how they do it, however no committee or officer has the legitimate authority to make endorsements without a vote of the membership. It's a bad idea to get the FOP itself involved in a partisan election unless one side or the other is clearly anti-police or anti-public safety in general. What does anyone gain from it? Nothing.

What the FOP should be doing instead of being vocal 24/7/365 about the failures of our politicians to keep the public safe. The state lodge is MIA on that front. They're too busy taking all expenses paid drunken vacations, cough cough FOP meetings, on the FOP members' dime. All that crap should be ended. They can use Skype next time.