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Kroger shooting: Suspect coming out of store fires at officers before they shoot him dead


RE: Kroger shooting: Suspect coming out of store fires at officers...

December 23rd, 2019 @ 3:00PM (3 years ago)
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Fischer's leaving out that there is a lot of money being wasted on unnecessary people doing unnecessary things. Metro has enough money for what it needs to do, but spends too much on things it doesn't need to do. the first clue is that the budget is over 300 pages long. LMPD has too many people sitting in offices doing community cop public relations make-work and cases that could and should done by other agencies. Way too many lazy people hiding from working on the street.

Much of what Metro pays for outside LMPD overlaps with what's already being done by the federal or state government, medicare, medicaid, or social security. Most of the offices on this list could be significantly downsized, privatized or closed next year with any long-lasting effect on the citizens. Louisville got by just fine 20-30 years ago without separate offices for Civic Innovation, Performance Improvement, Equity, and "Louisville Forward" (WTF?). There are already plenty bureaucrats outside of metro in charge of air pollution, healthcare and code enforcement.

Someone should pull out copies of the 1985 county and city budgets out and start from there on deciding what we actually need to spend money on.