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Mayor's support for police chief after morale comments 'unbelievable,' council members say


LMPD Morale

September 21st, 2019 @ 4:16PM (2 years ago)

Nothing is going to change in Louisville (or any other place) and with LMPD until you get the demon-crats out of office. The chief is only doing and saying what the demon-crats want. Fisher has taken a stand against President Trump by making Louisville a sanctuary city. The people of Louisville keep electing them so they need to live with the consequences. LMPD officers should flee to republican areas and leave Louisville to burn until the people wake up to what is truly going on. If these problems continue Louisville with be like San Francisco. Poop maps will have to be handed out to tourists (if any still visit) to avoid the bad areas and we all know who will be passing out the maps. LMPD