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Mayor's support for police chief after morale comments 'unbelievable,' council members say


RE: Mayor's support for police chief after morale comments 'unbelievable,...

September 20th, 2019 @ 4:20PM (2 years ago)

Steve Conrad is incompetent and completely out of touch with the men and women of the police department. What an utter disgrace and Fischer just keeps it going. Sufferin' Succotash.

The sad truth

October 1st, 2019 @ 9:45PM (2 years ago)

With all the credentials Chief Conrad brought to the table when he became Chief, the one leadership trait he has clearly forgotten is to take a stand against what he knows is wrong. A leader will tell a person they are wrong, when in fact they are wrong. Even when that person is your boss and even when that person is the Mayor. To sit there and be a consistent "yes-man" regardless of the damage you know it will cause to a once proud agency is nothing short of cowardice. To sacrifice the moral of your agency for the sake of keeping a job is rather self serving and selfish. What sort of law enforcement executive would go along with establishing sanctuary status policy by encouraging your officers to not assist in enforcing federal laws when it comes to illegal immigrants in this community? How do you disregard the oath of office to enforce the rule of law? How does he sit there and claim even an ounce of testicular fortitude and decriminalize what is in fact still state law? I am not one that just chimes in at every chance to get my two cents in on every issue that pops up. I'm not but I have sat back and watched this Mayor and this Chief systematically destroy a great agency and a great community with liberal policies that have never worked anywhere! We are in fact following cities like Los Angeles, Detroit and Chicago.

For as long as people continue to vote for this incompetence over and over, we will continue to get what we keep getting. At some point people will become sick of it enough to vote against this mess we have. I honestly do not know how our so called leaders from the Mayor, the Chief and even our council members can honestly look themselves in the mirror. It is shameful what they have done.