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Man shot and killed by police in Parkland neighborhood


RE: Man shot and killed by police in Parkland neighborhood

September 4th, 2019 @ 10:01AM (4 years ago)

Well I heard from a reliable source downtown that it will remain status quo in many ways but that they are going to just continue to decriminalize activities so that we aren't overworked too bad with the continued declines in available staffing. This year the marijuana decriminalization was a pilot project to show that strategy's success.

Next year they will work on revising the decriminalization process to include TBUT from Auto. Then we won't make those 3500 runs a year and people can just borrow what they need from the neighborhoods they visit.

Peace walks will continue to ramp up and the shooting and homicide laws will soon cease as historically we have been shown the success in those ideas.

Now that's a good plan. I was in awe of the wisdom when I was told about those plans. No laws to enforce will help that all level out.

As a result of their wisdom, we will just have to go about event staffing, feel good projects, and marathons. With the current manpower, we should be able to keep up!

I was also told by another very reliable source that Jefferson Special will be sworn in as special agents to provide additional manpower to help divisions cover beats for vacation time that is currently impossible to use.