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Citing budget cuts, LMPD will no longer provide crossing guards to some Louisville schools


RE: Citing budget cuts, LMPD will no longer provide crossing...

July 28th, 2019 @ 7:28AM (3 years ago)

Merger is finally becoming less than ideal. The tax base of the county was needed to fund the failing city budget. And now they can't provide services to the county any more because of a budget crisis where the city area continues hemorrhaging funds to projects with no return on investment (passport site, Walmart deal, mixed income housing revitalizations, etc). All the while crime continues to remove upward. The larger metro tax base can't support the former city handout lifestyles anymore.

All the entitlements, residential area rebuilds, peace walks, and relief programs are just a burden with no return. Crime is not down and not helping.

No one saw that coming...